In 2018  the Rotary Club of Winnipeg took on the task of “Greening RIBFEST” with recycling of beverage containers and cardboard, collection and composting of organic waste (food, bones, paper waste), bicycling to the event (bike corral provide), recycling of cooking grease.

Look at what we accomplished through our Waste Sorting for 14,000 Ribfest visitors…thanks to our many dedicated volunteers we were able to:

  • Recycling:
    • 23 cubic yards of cardboard and beverage containers diverted to recycling…thanks to Green for Life Inc. and Recycle Everywhere (up from 14 cubic yards in 2017)
    • beer cans collected and recycled…thanks to Farmery Estate Brewery
    • 475 gallons of cooking grease collected for recycling…thanks to Rothsay (up from 225 gallons last year)


  • Composting:
    • 20 cubic yards of food waste and compostable food containers diverted to compost…thanks to The Forks Market for use of their compost site, to Home Depot for the donation of 500 compost bags, and to our Ribbers – Crabby’s BBQ Shack, Texas Rangers and Silver Bullet BBQ for using compostable food containers (up from 12 cubic yards in 2017).


  • Commuting
    • 177 cyclists using the bike corral (up from 113 in 2017)


In 2019 we will continue to improve the “Greening of RIBFEST” in our commitment to producing and environmentally friendly event.